Thursday, November 27, 2014

Something about my life

There are always good and bad things, and of course, my life isn't the exception. So far, I believe I have had a very good life. I have a nice family and  a cat, no one close had suddenly die, I had a nice childhood, I went to nice school and I'm in a nice university. But nothing is perfect, there have been really bad periods and they were awful. When I was younger I had really rough time at school, but I like to take it in a positive way and think that it was moment for growth and personal development, anyway, I wouldn't be who I am and where I am right now if those things hadn't happened.
I think my personal achievement in 2014 was to stay in the career even though I wanted to quit, because I'm used to quit when things start to seem a little overwhelming, and that's not right, nothing great comes easy. Another goal I achieved this year is that I promised myself to make the best of this year, leave everything bad behind and don't let those things stop me from doing what I want.
I still have to pass all my subjects this year, is one of my personal goals, I want to finish psychology 
without failed subjects.
Summing up, my life has been pretty nice so far, this year has been amazing and I wouldn't change a thing of it. I'm looking forward for the next year and the challenges that it might bring. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gato, the cat

Today I'm going to talk about my cat. He's name is "Gato" (not really creative, I know), I picked him up from a box outside the pool where my brothers practice swimming almost three years ago. When I found him, there where other two cats, that I asumed where his sibblings, and I felt really sad to leave them there, but I couldn't take all of them home.
He is orange and white, and has a funny spot near the nose. Also, he is really really fat and lazy, he's always asleep or lying down, but sometomes he likes to play with his favourite ball or with a thread, or catch a bug. And of course he likes to eat A LOT.
I remember that he got sick the next day we brought him home, he was sneezing a lot so we took him to the vet, and after a week he was completely fine. When the vet took a look on him, told us that he was really big for his age, because he looked like a six-months-old cat, altough he was only two months old.
My cat is really important to me, I adopted him in an emotienally difficult moment for me, and he brought joy to my life (sounds crazy, I know), I love him so much and I'm glad I picked him up that day. I really like playng with him, I like when he comes and watch me study, I even like when he plays with my pencils when I'm trying to concentrate.
I think pets are a good form to bring joy to the life of people, and I don't get how anyone can hurt animals.

My future job

I'm not really sure of what kind of job I would like to have once I finish studying. I was barely able to choose a career when I finished school, so it's difficult to think in a job when I'm not even sure if psychology is what I wanna do right now.
Anyway, I have an idea of what I want to do no matter the career I choose. I would like to work with people, not stay in an ofice all day, beacause I like having a good conversation and inside an ofice I can't really interact with people around me. Also, I would prefer to have an indoors job, beacause I like a specific tipe of weather and I don't have control of it if I'm outside, but inside there're different ways to control the temperature of your surroundings. Though, I like traveling I don't like to it for work and specially not for a long period of time, I can't sleep well in a bed that isn't mine, so I would  be hard for me if I'm forced to work if I hadn't slept well.
Like I said before, I'm not really sure if I'm going to finish psychology, because I chose this career not knowing of what it was about. So far I've liked and I'm not planning to leave, but only time can tell if this is what I like doing and is what satifies me the most.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Best concert ever

It has to be Incubus concert, I don't know if it's the best concert, but just because Incubus is my favourite band. Incubus is a rock band from the USA, formed in 1991 whose actual members are Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, José Pasillas II, Chris Kilmore and Ben Kenney. The band's first CD is Fungus Amongus (1995), and the last one is If Not Now, When? (2011), although some of the band's members have being talking about some new work that could be released in 2015 along with a tour.
The concert was on 17th December, 2013. It was at "Pista atlética del Estadio Nacional", and I remember how anxious I was about it, because it was on festival, the Summer Fest so I had to wait until all the other bands presented their show before I could listen to Incubus, besides it was the first time I ever saw them live, because I have missed the concert the last time the were in Chile.
Before the came out, everyone was counting down the seconds, and when they finally showed the crowd screamed so loud (including me).
The greatest thing about Incubus is that they play different kind of songs, you can relax with some of them and you can dance with others, so during the concert you could feel the different atmosphere according with the song they where playing.
I have lots of memories about that concert, but my favourite one by far is when I was singing one of the songs and I started to remember things with it, I think it was one of the greatest feelings ever.
I love listening to music, but there's nothing that compares to listening your favourite songs live, it's different when you hear the crowd singing along with you, because for once in your life it doesn't matter if you are a terrible singer, you can shout your head off to THAT song that you love and you couldn't stop singing in your head when you first heard it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Everything's fine when you listen to music

I love listening to music, is one of my favorite things to do. I could be listening to music all day and never get bored. No matter what I'm doing, there's always a song in stuck in my head. I listen to almost every music gender, but my favorite bands are Incubus and Radiohead. I literally listen to their songs every single day, but it's never enough because they're so awesome.
Incubus is a rock band from the USA, formed in 1991 whose actual members are Brandon Boyd, Mike Einziger, José Pasillas II, Chris Kilmore and Ben Kenney. The band's first CD is Fungus Amongus (1995), and the last one is If Not Now, When? (2011), although some of the band's members have being talking about some new work that could be released in 2015 along with a tour.
My favorite Incubus' CD is Morning view (2001), even though my favorite song isn't in it. My favorite song is Dig, from the CD Light Grenades (2006). I've seen them live once, and it was the best concert I've ever been.
On the other hand, there's Radiohead. It is a also a rock band, but it is form England. Radiohead was formed in 1985 and the band's actual members are Thom York, Philip Selway, Ed O'Brien, Johnny Greenwood and Colin Greenwood. The first CD of this band was released in 1993 and it's name is Pablo Honey, and the last one is The King of Limbs (2011). The band decided to take a brake, but in September of this year they will start rehearsing and recording.
My favorite Radiohead's album is The Bends (1995), but I think I can't pick a favorite song because I like so many of them.
Even though this two are my current favorite bands, I generally listen to Incubus when I'm happy because they increase my happiness and I don't want to associate any bad memory with their amazing songs, I kinda think it would ruin some of them and that would be awful. But, on the other side, I listen to Radiohead mostly when I'm sad (not one of my greatest ideas jaja), somehow I find it really relaxing and peaceful.
Whatever, music makes everything better, at least for me.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A country I'd like to visit

It's hard to talk about a country that I'd like to visit because I'm not really looking forward to visit anyone in particular. I like been here in Chile, but if I have to choose one it would probably be the USA, specifically New York City, because I like the idea of being in the city that never sleeps. 
I don't know much about New York besides the 9/11, and the fact that they talk in english, but I like cities in general, I think they are really interesting places. Though everyone hates them and they always want to runaway from them, I think they just don't see the beauty and the secrets that can be hiding around the corner.
I'd like to walk around the city, visit emblematic neighborhoods and monuments, the libraries, maybe get lost in the city for a little while because I like getting lost, it makes you look everything with different eyes, pay more attention to details that you don't normally notice.
No matter what, I wouldn't like to stay there longer than a couple of weeks, I like living in Chile, so I would probably be missing my home in a really short time.